Oct 19, 2009


I recently joined the Beaders Showcase group for jewelry designers, and I displayed a few pictures of my new polymer clay pieces.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email today telling me that they had selected one of my pieces to showcase on the website.

  They selected a favorite of mine, the faux Lapis Lazuli necklace of polymer clay that I gave my cousin for her birthday.   Here is the link for you to take a peek.  http://www.beadersshowcase.com/photo/polymer-clay-lapiz-lazuli?context=user


Maria Paray said...

Excellent, Loretta! Such a pretty necklace. I'm sure your cousin loved it :-)

Loretta said...

Thanks Maria. She did love it.

Vicki Bensinger said...

Loretta that is so beautiful. It looks like the real thing. You are so talented. How long did those take to make?