Jan 31, 2010

Valentine Heart Beads

I am continuing to make the Cindy Lietz "Jupiter Beads" for our challenge, but this time I put a different spin on a few of them.  One large Jupiter bead I cut part way down the middle and shaped it into a heart.  This brings a whole new pattern to the bead.  A surprise that forms by cutting into the center.  I also did this with the smaller hearts that will be earrings.

I then flattened a pair of jupiter beads and will make earrings out of these.  The rest of the round beads will be made into a bracelet.  As you can tell, I am enjoy this project.

Jan 27, 2010

Cindy Lietz Torn Watercolor Method

I'm on my second "lesson" for beads to make in the Cindy Lietz Bead Giveaway challenge.  This method is the Torn Watercolor method and the video tutorial can be purchased when you sign up for Cindy's polymer clay video instruction at http://beadsandbeading.com/blog.   I have used black & white premo and avocado Studio by Sculpey clay for a more matte look.  You can see the beginning pieces and the torn pieces that are added to a base bead, and also some of the finished beads. They are not baked yet, and  I don't know what I am going to make with these beads, but I will have fun thinking about it.

Happy Musings by Sally Huss

One thing I enjoy doing each morning is reading Happy Musings by Sally Huss in my newspaper.  Here is today's Musing.  "A thought can change your life.....find a good one."

Jan 26, 2010

Kenya Mission Trip

Even though I love posting about polymer clay, jewelry, beads and knitting, I also feel that sharing about good things done to help people all over the world is important.  Especially now when there is so much need in Haiti.  The picture below shows my son, Dr. Mark McConnell, and a local Kenyan man.  Mark went with a group of people from his church and another doctor last year on a mission to provide medical care to the people of Kenya.  They went from village to village and aided as many people as they could.  He said it was a very rewarding experience and he hopes to be able to go again soon.  As you can imagine, this makes a Mother very proud.


Cindy Lietz Jupiter Beads

As I recently posted, I am participating in a challenge from Cindy Lietz to actually complete some polymer clay beads that were featured in one of her recent online video tutorials.  Below is my take on putting together the "Jupiter Bead".  A fun project and surprises each time you do it.  Beautiful patterns come together with not much effort.   Check out Cindy's blog at www.beadsandbeading.com/blog.  My next challenge is the "Torn Water Color bead".  Watch for more pictures.

Jan 24, 2010

Lori Anderson Bead Soup Exchange

An update on my post of the Lori Anderson Bead Soup Exchange.  You can now go to Flickr at this site
http://www.flickr.com/groups/1290276@N25/pool/show/ and view the bead exchange going on.  Lori has over 80 Jewelry and Bead Artists participating in the Bead Soup Exchange, and you can take a look at the beads and findings submitted, and then come back on February 10th to see all the finished pieces.

The Artists have sent their beads loving made out of Polymer Clay, Ceramic and blown glass.  Then paired these creations with complimentary beads, spacers and clasps.   Quite a fun challenge for all of us.  Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

Jan 22, 2010

Cindy Lietz Bead Giveaway

Cindy Lietz, the Polymer Clay Tutor, has encouraged all of her Clay students to make some beads from the classes she has featured and post them on her blog.  Some lucky person will have the opportunity to win a stash of beads from Cindy.

The lessons we can pick from are the Jupiter beads, made from scrap clay.  The Torn Water Color Bead, or maybe the smooth Raku or the crackle Raku.  This will encourage us to actually try her methods, and not just watch the video and do nothing.  I think this will be fun, and will make me learn the project.  The picture is an example of the bead stash she is offering.   You can find Cindy's blog at http://www.beadsandbeading.com/blog/

Jan 21, 2010

Lori Anderson Bead Soup Exchange

Oooh, the Bead Soup Exchange package from Patty Lakinsmith is here, and she sent some fun things.  Now I have to put my thinking cap on to put together my design.  We will  reveal our designs on February 10th, and all participants of the Lori Anderson Bead Soup Exchange will visit each others blog looking at the creations.  I can't wait.

  Patty sent some beautiful glass beads that she made herself, and a clasp she made out of pmc.  She added some amber, red adventurine and olive jade to the mix.  Oh my, what will I do with this?

You can see some of Patty's creations for sale on her Etsy website at http://www.pattylakinsmith.etsy.com/.

Jan 19, 2010


I made an error in Patty's blog address.  It is http://pattylakinsmith.blogspot.com/.

Patty Lakinsmith Beads

These are the beads that Patty Lakinsmith is sending me for the Lori Anderson Bead Soup Exchange.  I haven't received them yet, but I am anxious to start creating.  I love the colors she chose and have lots of ideas on which way to go.  You can find Patty's creations at http://pattilakinsmith.blogspot.com/.

Jan 18, 2010

Lori Anderson Bead Soup Exchange

The time to ship my Lori Anderson Bead Soup Exchange offering has come.  Missed the shipping today as it is Martin Luther King day and our post office is closed, but I will be there bright and early Tuesday morning.

My exchange partner is Patti LakinSmith, and this is what she will be receiving.  Beads are made of Polymer Clay and the clasp is sterling silver.  I love animal prints, and thought the heart shape would be a good Valentine lead-in.  I'm excited to see what Patti will design with my beads.  I will post that as soon as she sends me a picture.  You can read Patti's blog at http://pattilakinsmith.blogspot.com/., and you will find a link to her Etsy shop on her site.

Jan 15, 2010

Stella & Dot Spring Jewelry Launch

Besides designing my Polymer Clay Jewelry and Knitted purses, I am also a Stylist for Stella & Dot, a direct sales jewelry distributor.  Stella & Dot are having their Spring Launch and you can view all the beautiful new gems and jewels at http://stelladot.com/loretta.  Click on the link to view the new video and then locate the "What's New" shopping section for more information on each piece.  We are also having a 50% off Winter Sale.  Beautiful pieces at a fantastic savings.

The good news is you can earn hundreds of dollars in FREE JEWELRY just by having your own
 catalog party.  We would set up a party for you, and then you invite your friends and family to shop on my website or they can request a catalog and make their purchase through you.  The more they buy, the more free jewelry for you.  What are you waiting for? 

This piece is from our Passage to India Collection.  Isn't it cute!

Jan 14, 2010

More Animal Print Polymer Clay Beads

As you probably noticed from my latest posts, I love black and white.  Here are some Polymer Clay Zebra print beads that I am getting ready to put in the oven, and I will be sending some of them off to my exchange partner in the Lori Anderson Bead Soup party Bead Swap.  Can't wait to see what she will be designing.

Jan 12, 2010

Iris Mishly Polymer Clay Tutorials

I love the fact that I can search the web and find great tutorials when I am on my Polymer Clay journey.  In doing so I happened upon Iris Mishly's Etsy site and immediately took advantage of a special she had going.  She is showing 6 tutorials and you can choose a group of 4 of them at a discount rate.  Here is a link to her Animal Skins Tut   http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38013123, or you can just click on the title above. 

Also check  out her hearts, flowers and kalidescope canes.  I'm looking forward to some fun!

Jan 3, 2010

Pretty Things: Bead Soup Party and Bead Swap!

Pretty Things: Bead Soup Party and Bead Swap!


I love Parties, and Lori Anderson of Pretty Things is holding a Bead Soup Party and Bead Swap.  If you are a jewelry maker you might want to join us.  Once you register you will be asked to send a focal bead, a clasp and some complimentary spacers to your bead partner.  You, in turn, will receive your packet with the same, and be asked to create something Pretty by the deadline of February 1st.  Then you post it on your blog (you must have a blog to participate).  For full instructions and information follow this link to Lori's blog. http://lorianderson.blogspot.com/2009/12/bead-soup-party-and-bead-swap.htmlI look forward to seeing you at the party.