Nov 24, 2009

In the News: Mammogram Guidelines

I'm sure you all are aware of the controversy going on about how often and when a women should schedule a mammogram.  Here is some information from the Breast Cancer site to help you make this important decision.

In The News: Mammogram Guidelines

Like many of us, you may be wondering about the recent statement regarding breast cancer screenings released by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, a government-appointed, independent panel of medical professionals whose recommendations inform decisions by health care providers and insurers. Because so many questions have been raised, we have set up a resource page with more information: Click here  to find  The Breast Cancer Site Mammogram guidelines page 

One thing that remains clear: Mammograms continue to be an important tool in early diagnosis and treatment. The most recent and comprehensive research on breast cancer detection clearly indicates that regular mammogram screening saves lives, reducing the rate of death from breast cancer by an average of 15 percent. As always, all women are encouraged to discuss the risks and benefits of getting a mammogram with their doctors.

At The Breast Cancer Site, we think the need has never been greater to continue the fight against breast cancer and provide support for all. And, given that this is the "Season of Giving," we're here to give thanks for early detection and your support. Please continue to click and shop to help women get the mammogram they need.

We hope you have a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2009

Loretta's Etsy Store

I hope you have all noticed my new "banner".  I originally planned to open my online "Etsy" store and call it "Designs by Loretta", the same as my blog.  When I went over to build my Etsy store I found out that someone else already had that name.

 Not to be deterred, I decided I would call it "Loretta's Boutique", and have recently set it up, and will be posting some new pieces.  I will feature handmade jewelry, specializing in Polymer Clay pieces.  I will also show a few of my hand knitted purses.  You can see samples of these here on my blog.  I will have the store stocked right after Thanksgiving, so hope you will take a peek and see if there is something that will work for your Christmas List.  You can find me at

Nov 19, 2009

Clay So Cute by Sherri Haab

I recently purchased a really fun book for making jewelry for Teens and Tweens out of Polymer Clay.  It is called  "Clay So Cute!" by Sherri HaabI have tried a few things from the book and they are easy and really cute.  If you have Tweens or Teens in your family, encourage them to join you in making their jewelry.

  I highly recommend that you check out this book.  Sherri's website is

Nov 15, 2009

Hand Knitted Purse

I decided to take a break from my Polymer Clay work and knit a new purse.  The purse is knitted from strips of cotton Batik fabric cut on the bias.  After making the basic purse, I take 4" strips of the fabric and tie them all over the purse.  You can also add buttons, beads, charms, yarns, ribbon, whatever strikes your fancy.  Then a lining is added.  Best if it is in a lighter fabric so that you can see things inside your purse.

Here is my finished project.

Donnie"s Purse

Nov 11, 2009

Louise Fischer Cozzi

I recently purchased a DVD tutorial from Louise Fischer Cozzi's Etsy store.  She has created a beautiful necklace she calls "Sophie" for a friend of hers.  Visit her website to view some of her beautiful pieces at , or purchase her DVD at

Here is a sample of her "Sophie" necklace.

Nov 10, 2009

Some of my favorite Blogs

I haven't added to my blog in awhile as I have been busy trying to set up my Etsy site to start selling my handmade jewelry and knitted purses.  I will post more as I get closer to opening the store.

Instead I would like to feature some of my favorite blogs.  These are friends that have added to my life both personally and in business.  Always there to lend a helping hand and friendly advise.

The first blog I am featuring is of the creative and talented, Vicki Bensinger.  Vicki teaches in-home culinary classes, and generously features yummy recipes on her blog.  Just think how fun it would be to get family and firends together in your home and learn to cook some really gourmet recipes.  If you are in the St. Louis, MO. area, or will be visiting there anytime soon, please contact Vicki for more information on her classes.  You can visit her site at, and while you are there please click on the link to vote for Vicki in the dessert contest she entered with her delicious  Chocolate Avalanche Cake.

Second up is Maria of Maria Paray Designs.  Not only is Maria a talented Jewelry Designer, using semi-precious stones, and making many pieces of  Silver Clay, but she takes time to raise and train Guide Dogs for Vets.  Combining both of these tasks, Maria decided to further give back to the community by designing and casting a "Perky's Paw" charm that will benefit Guide Dogs for Vets.  The charm is a cast of her guide dog, Perky's, paw.  Thus the name.  You can see "Perky's Paw" at

Next up is Davina James who is very busy multi-tasking.  Besides her job in the law field, she is a Chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries (yum), and a Stylist with Stella & Dot.  Visit Davina at to see what she is offering today.

Robin Raible has had a busy year, which included a fire that destroyed her home.  Thankfully that has been rebuilt, and she is  busy working at a Wine Company, and is a consultant for Pampered Chef.  You can visit Robin's PC site at

Karen, I didn't add a blogsite for you, but always appreciate your support and addition to our group!

The glue that binds this group is Dee Gordon.  Ever multi-tasking, first as a single Mom, raising her son, Eric.  Then keeping busy in her Human Resources job, and finally as a creative and talented jewelry designer and master blogger. 

Dee has a jewelry website at and also sells on etsy at   The group "Kiva" benefits from her profits.  This group makes loans to people in other countries that are trying to start their own business.  Sometimes they only need small amounts, and she has proudly helped many of them.

Dee keeps up in the industry by blogging at, and keeps us entertained on her blog "Girl's Night Out".

I would be interested in hearing from you on what you think of these sites, and if you have any sites I might like to visit please post them.

Thanks for stopping by.