Jun 22, 2009

Cherry Tomato Necklace

This cute little polymer clay necklace reminds me of Cherry Tomatoes, hence the name. I mixed a little orange clay into my red pearl clay and came out with a nice creamy tomato red. I accented it with gold beads and amethyst chips.

Polymer Clay is very light weight and perfect to wear with your new Summer outfit.

Jun 20, 2009

More Polymer Clay Jewelry

This Clay thing can really get under your skin. I think I am hooked. Here are more beads I made with the beautiful Polymer Clay, and the finished necklace I put together when they were done baking.

The flat saucer beads compliment the white marbling in the beads and serve as my focal bead. The necklace is about 18" long and is very light to wear. It looks heavy but it is not.

Polymer Clay Adventure

I have started on a new creative adventure for me.....working with Polymer Clay. It feels and acts just like "Playdoh", so I can really be a little kid again.

Polymer Clay is used to make many different things. I choose to make beads for jewelry. I was inspired by the beautiful jewelry in Ronna Sarvas Weltman's new book, "Ancient Clay and Wire Jewelry". You can preview this book at www.ronnasarvasweltman.com.

Pictured here are the "saucer" beads I loving created with my "Playdoh" and toaster oven, and the bracelet I copied from Ronna's book.

It's fun to create the colors and hues that you want for your beads. You mix a number of colors together, adding a little more color here, and little more white there, running the clay mix through a pasta roller machine. and finally getting the perfect mix you want. You must be careful not to mix it too carefully as you may end up with mud. It's fun to see the stripes and streaks and dots that appear after you run the mix through the pasta roller.

When you have completed the kind of bead shapes you want for your jewelry, you bake them in a toaster oven (you can also use the regular oven) at a low temperature. In 30 minutes or so you have your beautiful beads, and can get busy creating that perfect jewelry piece.