Aug 31, 2010

Still making Bangle Bracelets

More Polymer Clay bangle bracelets in my collection.  Both of these patterns used on my bracelets were made using the Blend and Switch technique provided by Cindy Lietz in her video tutorials.  You too can receive these videos for about $3.31 a month.  Follow the link to the Blend and Switch technique to sign up now!

Aug 27, 2010

Cindy Lietz Blend and Switch Technique

My daughter-in-law requested that I make her something in Sage green and Plum colors, so I followed the color mix from Cindy Lietz for Autumn green and Eggplant and added some Ecru to highlight it.  This is the
 blend and switch technique from Cindy Lietz' video tutorials, and I made some bangle bracelets using this technique.  Here they are.

Animal Print Cane Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelet

Decided to try more Animal print polymer clay canes for my bangle bracelets.  I used the video tutorials from Cindy Lietz.  Locate a preview for the Leopard cane here, and the Zebra cane here.

Faux bone/ivory technique used on Bangle Bracelets

I just returned from a beautiful trip to the Glacier National Park, and now I'm rested and ready to start claying again.  I am in love with bangle bracelets at the moment, so thought I would try a faux bone/ivory technique that Cindy Lietz presented in her Friday video tutorials.  Here are two bracelets that I made using her technique.  I'm happy with my first attempt, and will be trying more of these.

Aug 12, 2010

Off on Vacation

I won't be posting until next week as I'm off for a little R & R in the beautiful state of Montana.  We will be touring Glacier National Park.  Hope you all have a great week!

Aug 11, 2010

Blend and Switch Technique from Cindy Lietz

These are the finished earrings from the forms I made using the Blend and Switch technique taught by Cindy Lietz.  All sanded and buffed to bring out the highlights.  The patterns and colors that you create are amazing and so much fun.  Also, these earrings are light as a feather to wear.

 Hop on over to Cindy's blog to sign up for her weekly video classes.  You won't regret it.

Aug 9, 2010

Cindy Lietz Blend and Switch Technique

Cindy Lietz never  fails to amaze me with her Polymer Clay knowledge.  Her video lesson this Friday was called Blend and Switch Technique where she created beautiful Mosaic pieces using Polymer Clay.  You can finish them by sanding and buffing, or you can add a resin for a glassy looking finish.

 Here are two bracelets that I made using the technique, and the pieces below that will be made into earrings.  The bottom row has been sanded and buffed using the Micro-Mesh method, and the top row have not been finished yet.

Aug 5, 2010

Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelets

I've decided that I really like making Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelets, so here are more of my creations.   Cindy Lietz provided an online video making animal prints, and she suggested that you step out of the box and make Zebra Polymer Clay cane prints in other colors.  Here is my take on that.

I also love Orange and and Fuschia colors in prints, so I mixed up some Polymer Clay and made these Bangle Bracelets.

Aug 2, 2010

Jennifer at Glass Addictions

A lot of bloggers are jumping on the Swap bandwagon, and I think this is a lot of fun.  Jennifer of Glass Addictions has a fun Swap going where you are asked to make charms (handmade, not store bought), and you will swap them with other Artists.  There are 3 colors in the color palette that you are required to use a lovely Coral, Chocolate and Turquoise color.  See below.  Take a look at Jennifer's blog for full details and join in the fun.

Polymer Clay Sanding Methods using Micromesh

Cindy Lietz, the polymer clay tutor, provided a video that showed me how to use Micromesh abrasives for sanding and polishing polymer clay projects.  These are great and come in 9 grades of coarseness.  You can even purchase little polishing swabs for those hard to reach corners.

Polishing Swabs - Click Image to Close

Here is what the micromesh squares look like, and believe me, you will be "wanting" to sand and polish your projects.  Just google the word micromesh and your city for a local provider.  Or, you can find suppliers online.  Click on Micromesh above for a preview of her video using this product.