Aug 29, 2009

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

My good & creative friend, Dee, of Runako Designs, has a blog at, and entertains us with her Friday "Girls Night Out" sessions. She generously features other crafters' blogs and websites, and has contests for you to win gift certificates or pieces of jewelry (I won a GC from her and purchased her beautiful "Scarlet with Attitude" necklace). Visit her Etsy store at

This weekend, in order to encourage us to visit other blogs, and have others visit ours, she has us posting to our sites what we would take with us if we were on a Desert Isle, and then listing that on her GNO site. You are then requested to visit all the other sites that have posted. Check out for details.

Packing for my Desert Isle Visit

1. I would definitely take my husband, Randy. He is so adventureous and would make it fun. I would hear, "Don't worry, I can start this fire with these sticks". The original Mountain Man.

2. My toothbrush for those romantic moments.

3. I think my own personal Genie would be nice. And more than 3 wishes please.

4. Do you think they might have a "Curves" gym location there? Maybe that's just wishful thinking. I would bring my workout clothes if they did. :) I know, I know, I'm crazy to think about working out that way on a beautiful desert isle. Gotta keep in shape though.

5. I would need my cellphone and computer. How can I add to my blog without them? Hope they have wifi & Skype .

6. I wouldn't have to worry about food because my husband is a good Fisherman and would supply me with buckets of delicious fish. I'm sure the fruits and vegies are abundant. Sooo....I guess I would just have to bring my China and Sterling to eat off of, and my pots and pans to cook with. Or..... maybe we could just order out.

7. I would also want my 60' yacht so that I could get away for a day or two if I felt like it. Or would that be too ostentatious?

8. I'm starting to really miss my family, maybe they could come along too.

9. My bed, oh am I missing my bed. Maybe we can squeeze that in too.

10. Now, I really need a way to earn some money to get off this island, so I'll bring my jewelry tools so I can use the resources there to make beautiful jewelry to sell to the natives so I can buy a ticket home.

Thanks for the fun, Dee!

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Dee said...

LOL...that was funny Loretta, much less practical than my trip, but I think I would be too consumed with googling over Idris!!