Aug 6, 2009

How about a little Swirl in your Polymer Clay beads

This was a fun project. I made canes of black, white, gold, copper and silver. I twisted those together, cut it in half and twisted them together again a few more times. I then rolled it out in the Pasta machine after lining it with some flat scrap clay. Then I combed the clay with a toothpick making swirls both ways. I then rolled it in the pasta machine making it ready to cover scrap clay beads.

The necklace is about 24" long and I accented it with torn pieces of black clay made to look like coco chips.

The method for this necklace is in the book "Making Polymer Clay Beads by Carol Blackburn. Page 24 & 25.


Dee said...

very pretty loretta, at first glance, I thought they were real wood chip beads :)

Vicki Bensinger said...

Please check out my blog Loretta. I left a message there for you.