Jan 16, 2011

Is it Soup Yet?

Blog Bead Soup that is.  This is the third time I have participated in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Exchange, and I'm looking forward to the big reveal.  Lori has over 200 bead and jewelry artists that are participating this time, and it has been a little overwhelming for her to put it all together.  She is a great trooper though, and things are moving along just fine.

We are assigned an exchange partner and then asked to send them a Focal Piece, Clasp and any other beads we want to send so that they can put together a wearable piece of jewelry art.  My exchange partner is
 Ann Rishell from the Phoenix, AZ area, and I am really looking forward to what she is sending me.  Stay tuned for more on this fun challenge.  Click on the link to access her blog for an interesting and beautiful visual experience.

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