Dec 1, 2010

Food You Don't Have To Eat

 Well, I've finally returned from a Fun Filled Family week!.  Thanksgiving in Arizona, visiting with family in Utah and Nevada (lots of snow) and now getting back to reality.  I just happened to leave my camera in Utah, so will have to plead with my dear hubby to let me use his to photograph my new projects.

 I have a little boutique that I will be working on Monday with my Knitting Guild, and I'm making some really pretty polymer clay buttons.  I'll add pictures when I can snag that camera.

In the meantime I thought I would post pictures of food I don't have to eat. (oh those extra pounds from Thanksgiving dinner).   I have been using the "Polymer Clay Cookbook" by Jessica and Susan Partain, and "Clay So Cute" by Sherri Haab to make some real looking food pieces.  Here are a few pictures of them.  You  can purchase some of them on either my Etsy or Artfire website if you are interested.

Pretzel Earrings

Pizza Necklace

Apple Earrings

Cupcake Earrings

Pumpkin Pie Earrings

Coffee Mug Earrings

Cheeseburger Earrings

Lemon Slice Earrings


Dee said...

Ha!! these are too cute!!!

Loretta said...

Thanks Dee.