Oct 13, 2010

Are We Having An Earthquake?

I asked myself, "Are we having an earthquake?", then realized it was just the street contractors tearing up  my road, driveway and just about every entrance to my condo complex.   We can't access our garage or driveway, and are parking on a street outside our community, walking to the car either in dirt or across the grassy area in our circle in the back of our condo.  I think the title of my next piece of jewelry is going to be called "Bam Bam" for all the pounding and noise that is going on outside. :-)

1 comment:

Maria Paray said...

Yikes! Well, I guess it's better than a real earthquake! LOL

We had major construction across the road all summer - noise starting at 7 am and going through weekends too. You have my sympathy!