Aug 2, 2010

Polymer Clay Sanding Methods using Micromesh

Cindy Lietz, the polymer clay tutor, provided a video that showed me how to use Micromesh abrasives for sanding and polishing polymer clay projects.  These are great and come in 9 grades of coarseness.  You can even purchase little polishing swabs for those hard to reach corners.

Polishing Swabs - Click Image to Close

Here is what the micromesh squares look like, and believe me, you will be "wanting" to sand and polish your projects.  Just google the word micromesh and your city for a local provider.  Or, you can find suppliers online.  Click on Micromesh above for a preview of her video using this product.


Cindy Lietz, Polymer CLay Tutor said...

I'm so glad you are liking the Micro-Mesh pads Loretta! They have become one of my essential polymer clay tools. I could never go back to regular wet/dry sandpaper again!

BTW if you add the link to the words Micro-Mesh instead of Cindy Lietz, then this would qualify you in contest to win some of my beads. Email me at my blog to let me know if you did this and I will include your entry.

Loretta said...

I will do that Cindy.