Mar 12, 2010

Polymer Clay Buttons

Friday has become my favorite day because that is when I receive my weekly video tutorial from
 Cindy Lietz, the polymer clay tutor.  I look forward to learning a new project with polymer clay, and this week she didn't disappoint us.  We now know how to make  her fun Polymer Clay Buttons.  These can be designed for any garment you have.  They can be large or small.  You can make fun dinosaurs or cupcakes or hearts for your children's clothes.  Whereever your imagination takes you. 

Besides designing with Polymer Clay, I also knit purses out of beautiful batik cotton strips.  The closure on these purses are usually large buttons, so now I can make my own and design them to fit the purse colors.

You too can learn the fun craft of making polymer clay beads and buttons by subscribing to
 Cindy Lietz weekly video classes.  Here is a sample picture of her buttons, and I will post mine when I get them baked.


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Friday has become my favorite day of the week too Loretta! When you're a teacher, nothing feels better than sharing your new idea with your students. You can't wait to see what everyone thinks of the tutorial and what they end up making with it.

I can't wait to see the buttons you make. They will be way more personal and perfectly coordinated than buttons you will buy at the store!

surfingcat said...

Have you made any yet? I get those tutorials from Cindy Leitz too and made my first batch today. Going to work out what to do with them now.

Loretta said...

I haven't made mine yet, but plan to work on those next week.