Sep 21, 2009

My Polymer Clay Soda Can Pendant

I've been busy today.  I decided I wanted to make a Soda Can bead like the beautiful necklace I posted below. This tutorial is featured in the latest Belle Amoire Magazine written by Laurie Prophater.

Instead of the full necklace I decided that I would make a millefiore pendant using this technique.  As mentioned in the tutorial, you cut out shapes from an Aluminum soda can (be careful....using heavy gloves and tin snips are advised).  I then created a millefiore cane that I thought was pretty, using some leftover Premo Clay that I had.  (the cane is on the right side of the picture).  I added the cane to the aluminum piece using some liquid clay to help adhere the bottom piece.

This pendant has not been baked, sanded and sealed yet.  I plan to add a silver bail and SS chain.  Will post finished pictures later.


Dee said...

very pretty design!

Loretta said...

Thanks Dee. I'll post the necklace and earrings soon.

laurie prophater said...

Very nice Loretta. I'm glad you enjoyed the technique.

laurie prophater

Loretta said...

Thanks Laurie. Your tutorial made it easy.