Jul 15, 2009

Learning to Make Polymer Clay Beads

I feel like I did as a child when I had my little baking oven and made mud cookies. Polymer Clay really gets under your skin. (not to speak of the fingernails). I am really enjoying the creative freedom of working with this product. I am learning step by step, mistakes and all, how to mold and use clay to make my beads.

I am enjoying the teaching of Cindy Lietz online, and have the Ronna Sarvas Weltman Clay book.
Here are some pictures of the "Nightfall in Mozambique" necklace that I copied from the directions in Ronna's book.

I also felt validated as a Jewelry Artist today when I went into a Large Women's Chain Dress shop today and was asked by a Lady if I had purchased my necklace in that store. When I told her that I made the necklace she dragged me over to her friend to show her. They were really blown away when I told them that I had actually made the clay beads myself. Nice validaton for an artist.

Here is my try at Ronna's "Nightfall in Mozambique" necklace.

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Dee said...

Loretta, I love it!! you're doing an awesome job with those beads..I may have to put in a special order!!