Apr 23, 2009

Dove Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Here is another Dove Chocolate Discoveries recipe you might like.  Make your own Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich.

Main Dove Chocolate Discoveries ingredients are:

Dove Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dove Chocolate Covered Almonds
2 DOVE Chocolate Discoveries (DCD) Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (prepared from mix),
1 scoop vanilla ice cream - slightly softened,
2-3 handfuls DCD Chocolate Covered,
Almonds, crushed (optional),
1 ounce DCD Chef Series Milk or Dark Chocolate - melted (optional)

1. On a marble slab or cutting board, fold one handful of the crushed, chocolate-covered almonds or all of the melted DCD Chocolate into the softened ice cream.
2. Mold ice cream into a ball and refreeze for a few minutes if needed.
3. Place ice cream onto one of the cookies, and top with the second cookie. Press together lightly.
4. Turn cookie on its side, and roll in the remaining crushed chocolate-covered almonds, if desired.

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